Where are your beans from?

We source our green, unroasted coffee beans locally and internationally. We have actually visited most of the origins we carry and work directly with the farmers. 

Are the beans freshly roasted?

Yes, all the beans we deliver are roasted locally for optimum taste. 

Can we use the beans only for espresso?

We provide beans for various brewing methods including espresso, batch brew, hand brew and cold brew, among others.

Do you offer 100% Arabica beans?

We provide all Arabica blends as well as those that contain some Robusta.

Can we customize a blend?

Yes. While we have various blends that you can readily order, we can also design custom blends for your store or brand.

Do you have single origin products?

Yes we do. We also update our clients every time we have seasonal offerings.

What are the packaging options?

Our standard packaging is a 1-KG resealable foil bag. We can also work with you on custom packaging based on your requirements.

What is the shelf life of your beans?

We recommend using the beans between 1 to 8 weeks after the indicated roast date on the bag for peak flavor. Once opened, it would be best to consume within the same week of opening. Please ensure that the sealed bags of roasted coffees are stored in a clean, dry space with no direct sunlight.

How much are the coffee beans?

We have a range of blends at various price points. 100% Arabica blends will tend to cost more than those blended with some Robusta.

What is the minimum order quantity?

For our readily available blends, MOQ is 5-KG.